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How much do you spend every month on an average for Internet Market products? Is each purchase $7, $17, $27, $47?  Out of 400 surveyed, 45% said they spend $50 or less each month.  17% say they spend over $100!  Do you fit in this category or are you spending a lot more?  These products are not your run of the mill info/resell items.  These products have been scrutinized heavily and tested before you even see them.  Most are only available here

Product Drop Over Delivers!

A New website called “Product Drop” is now available for new membership.  I have been involved with Internet Marketing for a almost 2 years, and I have Never seen a website that offers so much and over delivers!  This is not a typical monthly membership site.  Once you have signed up, you have instant access to Quality internet business tools.  Reports, plugins, web themes, how to video’s, audio’s, all this and more from IMr’s that have paved the way and walked the walk to assist you in your quest for an Internet business.  The beauty of this site is every month they add more information, more IM products.  All for the same monthly fee!

Cost vs. Value

Product Drop surveyed 400 people.  The question was “Which is more important to you?  Her are the results.  35% want to reduce the amount they spend on infoproducts,  64% want to get more value for what they spend.  Almost two-thirds of respondents said it’s more important to get more value for the money, than to reduce the amount of money spent.  Everybody wants to spend less on infoproducts, but not if they have to sacrifice the information they receive.  What would you choose?

Large Inventory of Products

As Product Drop continues to grow, you’ll undoubtedly find that our inventory will far surpass any other site on the ‘net, because we’ll have a superb selection of products that are meant only for your eyes. You won’t always be able to resell them, but you WILL be able to consume them, learn from them, and profit from the ideas.

Here’s What To Do Now:

We did everything we could to make this a FANTASTIC offer for you.

As soon as you sign up for Product Drop, you’ll get instant access to everything.  Yahoo Pipes, Self Publishing Secrets, Make Membership Sites, Best Free Quality Traffic You Could Ask For, 48 Hour Products, Traffic And Leverage, 7 Minute Articles, Membership Site Tactics, Zero To 6 Figures Webinar, Affiliate Domination, and How To Get Massive Traffic And Extra Profits.


Are you ready?


Best Wishes!

Posting Blog Comments of Value to Create Backlinks

As Featured On EzineArticlesPosting Blog Comments of  Value

Posting Blog Comments of Value is critical to the wellness of your website. They will hopefully be of insight and of Value.  More often than not you will find generic comments that have been copied and pasted. This is not only not useful, but annoying to the site moderator.  It is a waste of valuable time not only to the moderator, but also to one who posted the link.  Not to mention the other readers who are trying to follow the thread.

Reasons why you would leave a comment.

  • Post a blog comment if the topic has some interest to youWhich means that you have actually read the article and are looking for something of Value.  You would then give feedback or input that has Your perspective of the topic.
  • Post a blog comment to create recognition of your name and knowledge on the subject. This will provide credibility to you as a blogger.  Sometimes you may be leaving comments of Value.  Other times you may be asking questions to clarify the article so you can gain knowledge and insight.  There will also be times when you just leave a sincere “Thank You”.
  • Post a blog comment to build online business relationships This is also important as we progress with our online adventures.  Who you associate yourself with, will determine  where you are heading and how you will end up.
  • Post a blog comment to Create a back-link to your website. If your soul purpose of posting a comment is to create a back-link to your website, then you must follow some basic rules. The easiest way to create high quality back-links to your website, is to comment on blogs that have a high PR (Page Rating).  In fact, this is the main method that I use to build my back-links. When you do this, it is important to remember that you have to be very careful not to spam. Your aim is to get the webmaster to publish your comment on their blog so that you get the high quality back-link.  If you write spammy comments, they will not publish your comment and they will probably report you.

    How I post a blog comment

  • Before I post a blog comment, I always take the time to actually read the article and then I choose something out of it that is of interest to me.  Then I will write a comment and mention my viewpoint in regards to the article that I found interesting.  This will let the webmaster know that I actually have read their article and that I am leaving a genuine comment.  This will greatly increase your chance of getting your comment published and will add value to the webmasters blog.

I hope this gives you enough information about blogging.  It is important that you understand how Posting Blog Comments of Value to Create backlinks will assist you in your online adventure.