Exploring the World of Mobile Marketing

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Exploring the World of Mobile Marketing

Exploring the World of Mobile Marketing

Author: Lucy

If you’re thinking about getting into the ever-growing world of mobile marketing then you more than likely want to advertise or grow your business. To move into the next century of technology and take advantage of the world of network marketing it is integral to understand what types of network marketing are out there.

One of the most common forms of mobile marketing campaigns is SMS. SMS stands for short message service. SMS and SMS Text Messages are standard and viewable on any mobile phone device. This can be a good tool for your business as long as you have the phone numbers of your clients. You can send them updates about sales or other business information through SMS Messages straight to their handheld mobile device.

MMS Messaging is a step above SMS Messaging. MMS stands for multimedia message service. These types of messages can include multimedia items such as pictures. This is another good way to reach customers, but not all mobile devices can use MMS messages (though most can), because they are a little more complex than SMS Messages.

As time and phone technology have progressed, SMART Phones are becoming more common. Mobile Web Applications can have people get instantaneous updates about your company and get information much more quickly without having to worry about the potential costs of text messages. Mobile Applications use the WAP (Wireless Access Protocol.) WAP is a global specification that allows mobile users to instantly interact and access information services instantly.

Bluetooth is another technology that individuals are taking advantage of and this is not limited to Bluetooth devices such as headsets. Bluetooth technology works from about 33 feet. Though this is a short range it can be used for proximity marketing. This type of short range marketing can be used to advertise content that is associated with a particular place. So, if you have a mobile device within the range of a proximity marketing broadcast you will be able to receive messages or advertisements from the broadcast.

A newer technology that is similar to Bluetooth is called Location-Based mobile marketing. This is not used as regularly as some of these other methods, but may end up being a viable way to advertise in the future. Location Based Marketing delivers media directly to a mobile device based on their location via GPS technology. Of course, this seems like the type of service you would have to get user’s to sign up for. Though this is not readily used it seems as though it could be a major player in the future of mobile marketing.

There are a few different methods of mobile marketing that have been becoming increasingly more popular. QR, or quick response barcodes, are two dimensional barcodes that are becoming more common. In addition to that, Mobile Banner Ads have been becoming more and more prevalent. These types of things are contributing to Mobile Commerce and making businesses that take advantage of Mobile Advertising very successful, which is something that cannot be ignored.

Using voice or IVR (Interactive Voice Responses) is becoming a new way to automate telephone calls. You can even take advantage of voice broadcasting in order to call numbers that are managed via computer into an organized list. This can be used to send a prerecorded message to customers or their answering machines. This is a good way to let customers know about updates, sales, and even the status of products they have ordered.

One thing that simply cannot be ignored when trying to optimize your company for mobile marketing is setting up a Mobile Website. Mobile websites are easier to view on cell phones because they are optimized for them. Many users now use the internet over their phones, so it is important to make sure they can easily view and navigate your site.
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