QR Code Marketing for Your Local Business

QR NWPR PhoneTo start, we have to ask the question, “What is a QR Code?”  Answer – QR is an acronym for “Quick Response”. (QR)  A QR code is a two-dimensional code that can be scanned by a smartphone that has a camera built in.  By scanning the QR Code with your Smart Phone, it will automatically bring up a website, document, video, pictures, or other information that is linked to the QR Code.  QR Codes have become mobile friendly.  For example – If you are at the electronic store and see a QR code for a big screen TV,  you can scan it and it will produce further information about the TV right on your phone!  Quick and easy information that you can take with you to view at a later time.  How cool is that?

QR codes are just now showing up on more and more items.  There are so many great uses for QR codes.  Where do we start?  Whether you are a business, church, school, sports team or even in Real-estate, there are unlimited uses for QR codes.  Most QR’s used today are a “static” QR code.   This means 1 code, 1 link that never changes.  This could lead into hundreds of separate QR codes for each item that you would want to share.

Dynamic QR Codes!

This leads me into what is known as “Dynamic QR Codes”.  One code, multiple information links that change according to your information schedule.  Scan the code with your Smart phone and get a link of what is current.   Scan it again at the scheduled time and the information will have changed.QR Hank's Diner A Phone


  • Restaurant – Daily, Weekly, Monthly specials
  • School or Day Care – Calendar, Daily menu, field trips, sports schedule
  • Realtor – Property information, Pictures, Agent information
  • Churches – This week’s readings, Sermon times, Class schedules, Potluck information
  • Service Businesses – Landscaping, handyman service, painters, automotive specials
  • Special Offers – Freebies, % off, discounts, etc.

The list of uses is only limited to the imagination!

Dynamic QR codes easy on Environment!

What would you say if you had information or an advertisement that you have out to the masses (that you have already spent money to have printed), and could change your ad to have new updated information in a matter of seconds? All they would have to do is re-scan the original QR code and they are up to date!  Printing cost down.  Postage cost down.  Information is UP!

Put Dynamic QR Codes to Work for You!

QR Real Estate Phone 2Use on:   Business cards, marketing materials, posters, storefront windows, websites, documents, agendas, table top adds, flyers, signs, refrigerator magnets, bulletins, T-Shirts, programs, window stickers.  I am sure that you could come up with even more places to use your QR code!

Here is a live example of how a “Dynamic QR” code works.  Download the QR App to your Smart Phone.  When complete, scan the QR Code at the right of the page.  Wait 1 minute and scan the QR again.  Wait another 1 minute scan again. Wait 1 minute and scan the QR again.  Wait another 1 minute scan again.  Do this one more time.  The example is set to repeat at the end of the cycle.  Depending on how long between scans will determine which information will be shown. (This example is not typical of a normal schedule of once a day or week or month. But can be set to cycle at your time intervals even down to what hour and minute to start and stop.)

And that is DYNAMIC!

Click Here  for information on Installing A QR Code App On Your Smartphone

Installs on your Word Press website

QR Code Marketing for Your Local Business


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